Monday, March 12, 2012

AVS GAMEDAY PRIMER: Anaheim Ducks, 3/12/12

The Good Guys: It may not have been the prettiest game, but the Avs got the job done against Edmonton on Saturday with a 3-2 shootout win. A lackluster first period and a tentative third period sandwiched a strong second period that gave Colorado what it needed to push the game to overtime. The overtime period was like watching two 8 year olds playing NHL12 for the first time, as it was a comedy of mistakes and dumb play. Both teams gave up chances, but the Avalanche got the 'Duk (see what just happened there?) in the shootout.

Bunch Of Ducks Dicks: Anaheim made a gallant run toward a playoff spot after a wretched start to the season, but they seem to have run out of gas and are languishing at the edge of extinction. This makes the Ducks a dangerous opponent tonight, one with very little to lose.

We Like: Haven't heard all that much about Colorado having overpaid for Semyon Varlamov lately, have we?

We Don't Like: Tonight is quite possibly the final time Avs fans will get to see Teemu Selanne play in Denver. His one-year stint with the Avalanche didn't go like we had hoped it would, but it shouldn't take away from what the classy Selanne has achieved in his career. Here's hoping he gets a nice ovation at some point tonight.

Randomly: Just so we have this straight, the Ducks were "Mighty" when they wore teal and eggplant, but not with their current rugged palette of black, gold, and orange? Whoa, Bob Ross moment.

Potential Hero: Call it a hunch, but I think Milan Hejduk is overdue for a multi-goal game. Hejduk always plays well against the Ducks.

Potential Goat: Who or whatever is responsible for Gabriel Landeskog's mystery illness, which may keep him out of the lineup tonight.

Final Thought: Who says the Avalanche aren't going to play any playoff games this season? Every game down the stretch is a playoff game. Enjoy it, Avs fans.

Ducks 2, Avs 1

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