Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AVS GAMEDAY PRIMER: Vancouver Canucks, 12/6/11

The Good Guys: Colorado beat Detroit 4-2 on Sunday behind Ryan "Radar Love" O'Reilly's two goals. Possessive forms of names that already have an apostrophe in them look dumb. Avs record stands at 13-13-1, 27 points. THREE game winning streak, AH AH AH.

Tonight's Dicks Du'Jour: Vancouver, defending Western Conference champions, still populated by assclowns and ne'er-do-wells. Maxime Lapierre somehow makes Alex Burrows seem like a decent human being. The Canucks are 15-10-1, good for 31 points.

We Like: Seeing Reboundo Luongo starting in goal for Vancouver tonight; Radar Love finding another gear to his game; actual structure and discipline on the power play lately; Semyon Varlamov making big stops early in games, exempting the Avs from the Budaj Effect; keeping the fading Flames in the same division under realignment for future payback beatings; watching Caps fans beginning to squirm about their goaltending.

We Don't Like: the inevitable Sedin-to-Sedin-to-Burrows power play goal tonight; having to wait for Alain Vigneault to start wearing the ascot we all know he DESPERATELY wants to wear during games; "conferences"; watching Ryan O'Byrne trying to keep up with skilled teams in the defensive zone; the fact that Johan Franzen has blown out his knee against every single team in the NHL except the Avs.

Randomly: Alex Ovechkin should tell the world he's not on PEDs, that he's on Minute Maid. It almost worked for Daniel LaRusso.

Tonight's Hero: Matt Duchene

Tonight's Goat: Luonnnnnnnnnngggggggggooooooooooo

Final Thought: Three games against western Canadian rivals coming up; gotta win 2, would love to win 3. Strong effort against a struggling goalie will be a good start.

Avs 4, Canucks 3

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