Tuesday, December 27, 2011

AVS GAMEDAY PRIMER: Winnipeg Jets, 12/27/11

The Good Guys: ...have been good. REAL good. 5-wins-in-a-row good. What does it all mean? It's still too early in the season, and 40+ more games is alot, but there aren't too many Avs fans that have found fault with their favorite team lately.

Unless they lose tonight. Let's think positively though.

Bunch Of Dicks Jets: Just can't bring myself to call the Jets a bunch of dicks, at least not yet. Ask me again in about 4 hours, but for now, I'm just happy to have been able to look forward to playing the Winnipeg Jets again. The Jets have been a sneaky opponent, one from which not much has been expected, but have jumped up and bitten better teams a few times this season. Alex Burmistrov is fun to watch. Happy to have you back, Winnipeg.

We Like: Actually, "like" isn't strong enough, we LOVE this song from a band called "Les Dale Hawerchuk"...and the song is CALLED Dale Hawerchuk. Of course.

We Don't Like: Nope. This is an uplifting, hater-free Gameday Primer, in honor of the Jets' return. Besides, if the Avs blow this game, we'll have plenty of hate to spread later on.

Randomly: When somebody can't hear you, they point at their ear and make the "can't hear you" face, instead of saying "Hey, I can't hear you", as if I'M the one who can't hear. What is that?

Tonight's Hero: A lazy pick, because when hasn't he been heroic this season? But Ryan O'Reilly does so many little things right, and players like that make the difference on the second night of back-to-back games.

Tonight's Goat: Hater-free, so no goats tonight. Let's give it to former Jets owner Barry Shenkarow. While the demise of the original Jets isn't entirely on his head, they left on his watch, and that's goat-ish enough for tonight.

Final Thought: Hey Winnipeg, bring back Queen Victoria's portrait in the arena, for god's sake. I understand not bringing back the original logo and uniform, but GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Avs 3, Jets 1

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