Thursday, February 2, 2012

AVS GAMEDAY PRIMER: Minnesota Wild, 2/2/12

"Yo Avs fans: we heard you like playing the Minnesota Wild, so we took the Minnesota Wild and put it in all your hockey games so you can play the Minnesota Wild in all your hockey games."

For seemingly the 19th time this season, the Avs battle the Wild. Nothing to really say about Minnesuckhole except "F off". For some reason, losing to the Wild and their Manbearpig logo really grates on my sack. So tonight, no regular Gameday Primer, no good guys or dicks, no heroes or goats. Not to overstate it, but tonight's game may be the turning point of the season. If the Avs can't beat these turds in their own building, they don't deserve to be in the playoff race. Let's do this.

Avs 5, Wild 2

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