Saturday, January 14, 2012

AVS GAMEDAY PRIMER: Dallas Stars, 1/14/12

The Good Guys: Don't look now, but the Avs have only taken one of the last six available points and have dropped back to 10th place in the Western Conference. A win today over the 9th place Stars would vault Colorado back into a virtual deadlock with 8th place Minnesota (who plays St Louis later today) and Los Angeles (Calgary), and would probably be a good idea. Also a good idea: NOT BLOWING A TWO GOAL LEAD. But nobody needs me to tell them that. Anyway, I really hate Dallas, and I know you do too. Remember why?

Bunch Of Dicks:

Yeah, this is why.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the two consecutive losses to the Stars in 1999 and 2000 are what stands between the Sakic/Roy/Forsberg Avs from being seen in the same category as the Pens/Devils/unnamed Michigan teams of the past 20 years. A win in even one of those two encounters (both of which were eminently winnable series) would have put the Avalanche into a Final series with the Sabres in 1999 (who Colorado would have laid waste to), and the Devils in 2000 (a tougher matchup, but a matchup Colorado subsequently proved they could handle). A third (and possibly fourth) Cup would have cemented those great Avs teams for what they were. Instead, the team was sent home in shocking fashion by inferior Stars teams, and as a result, I HATE YOU DALLAS. Also, Mike Ribeiro is a clown.

We Like: Welcome back, Peter Mueller!... He's never going to be a flashy, spectacular player that draws up a highlight reel, but Gabriel Landeskog does at least one subtle thing a game that shows what type of player he already is, and gives you a glimpse of what he's going to be. He's not a Stamkos/Tavares/Duchene/Kane type of player, but I don't think it's unfair to compare him to a Jonathan Toews type, in terms of style and impact on a team.

We Don't Like: The Dallas Stars. This stands alone. Seriously, f them.

Randomly: Payday candy bars are delicious...but the peanuts are on the outside, and the caramel/nougat is on the inside. It's like a candy bar turned inside out. Maybe that's what makes it so delicious?

Today's Hero: Trying to keep thinking as positively as I possibly can, but every time I think of Loui Eriksson, scary music plays in my head.

Today's Goat: The captain of this Italian cruise ship who ran the boat aground and killed a few people. How do you MISS the water? It's everywhere!

Final Thought: Remember Mike Modano getting destroyed by Mark Messier, and then going on a mini-adventure on the way to the ambulance? TEH LULZ.

Stars 3, Avs 2

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