Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AVS GAMEDAY PRIMER: Nashville Predators, 1/10/12

The Good Guys: The Avs went Jeckyll-and-Hyde during their back-to-back dates in Chicago and St Louis over the weekend, dominating the powerful Blackhawks 4-0 on Friday and then getting turned around and melted by the Blues on Saturday by an identical 4-0 score. Defenseman Erik Johnson suffered an unspecified hand injury (although "hand injury" is specific enough, I suppose) and will not play tonight. Semyon Varlamov will get the start between the pipes for the burgundy and blue. The Caps are off tonight, giving their fans another opportunity to watch the goalie they should have kept attempt to ensure that the #1 pick that was given up for him sink lower and lower in the draft order.

Taunting Caps fans and their July Muscles will not get old any time soon.

Bunch Of Dicks: It always seems like the Avs don't see the Nashville Predators for 4 months, then play them every other day for two weeks, and this season is no different. The Avs host the Preds for the first time this season, then travel to Nashville for a Thursday night rendezvous to finish up the back to back. Say the word "rendezvous" to a Nashville resident, and he/she will likely either gleek a string of Red Man at you, or sic their huntin' dawg on you. Just kidding Nashville fans, I love you! Please don't tie me to a tree.

We Like: That other teams are catching up to the Avs in games played. The fact that Colorado has had 2-4 more games played than the teams they are battling for playoff position kept a shadow of pessimism lurking over the recent hot streak, knowing full well that a Los Angeles, Phoenix, or Nashville hot streak with those games-in-hand would catapult them over the Avalanche in the Western Conference playoff race. It seems like there have been less three-point "loser point" games in the West this season (KNOCK WOOD KNOCK WOOD) and other teams in range with the Avs have struggled lately, making the potential playoff star shine a little brighter.

We Don't Like: Jordin Tootoo. Keep your nose clean the next two games, you weasel.

Randomly: How many brands of toothpaste do we really need? Does it clean your teeth? Is it minty? There you go! Why do we need 15 brands, and thirty varieties of each brand? "Whitens Teeth, Brightens Teeth, Scratches Your Asshole! CREST IS B-HOLE TESTED AND APPROVED". Toothpaste barons are the 1%.

Tonight's Hero: Semyon Varlamov continues his hot streak against a suspect Nashville attack.

Tonight's Goat: Nashville's Arena Music Guy, unless he works in some Conway Twitty.

Final Thought: I always wondered why David Legwand didn't end up wearing the "C" for the Preds. He was their first ever pick, 2nd overall in the 1998 draft. He's been with the team continuously since the 1999-2000 season, has been solid if unspectacular, and has never even been rumored to be moved elsewhere. He likes Nashville and they like him...so why was he never given the chance to captain the Predators? Is it because of all those dismembered bodies they found buried in a safe under the root cellar in his house?

Avs 2, Preds 1

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