Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AVS GAMEDAY PRIMER: New Jersey Devils, 11/30/11

Know The Enemy: New Jersey Devils (12-9-1, 25 pts); lost 3-2 to the Islanders on Saturday.

Key On This Guy: Criminally underrated Patrik Elias. He never gets the love that teammates Ilya Kovalchuk and Zach Parise do, but Elias has quietly led the Devils with 20 points in 22 games. He always reminded me of his countryman and friend Milan Hejduk, two players who, when retired, people will look at their stats and say "Wow, I never realized they were that productive."

Laugh At This Guy: Chubby dickhead Martin Brodeur, whose selfish insistence on playing 70-75 games per season to pad his lifetime statistics even as his body has broken down due to age has led to hilarious moments such as this:

You can't carry Patrick Roy's jock, pal.

Don't Sleep On This Guy: Surprising rookie Adam Henrique, who leads the Devils in game-winning goals so far in 2011. Perhaps even more impressively, Henrique has managed to get away with having a jaunty letter like "Q" in his name under the watchfully tightassed ways of Lou Lamoriello.

Fact About The Devils That May Or May Not Be Made Up: Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane modeled psychotic infant Stewie Griffin after the Devils dour GM Lamoriello. See for yourself:

Celebrity Prediction: David Puddy, facepainter


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